Leo Marcom Private Limited provides B2B Media, Marketing, Communication & Consulting services. We are a reliable source of information for various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication, Energy, Transport, Healthcare, etc to name a few out of the 12 industries we operate in. Our focus is publishing industry specific magazines and web media broadcast in order to provide the latest industry news, views, events & updates to our subscribers and visitors.

We take pride in understanding new and dynamically changing B2B industries of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day, our goal is simple that we want to bring out the best of Industry Information & Updates for our readers and subscribers. Our objective is to provide accurate information, reliability is our motto and we stride ahead helping build brands which are striving to go ahead.


We are a media driven organization that believes in the power of various media platforms in order to provide update worldwide information as well as promote those who deserve to be seen in todays’s world of changing scenarios.


When you’re marketing highly engineered products, we’ll speak your language. And your buyers’ language, too. Because our 100% B2B approach is powered by firsthand industry knowledge and results-driven marketing expertise.


Being media driven we understand and hold in high regard the power of communication in order to foster excellent and highly efficient services to our customers.

We at Leo Marcom Pvt.Ltd. are here to bring together our three strengths – media, marketing and communication in order to not only provide updated news from the eight sectors we have grown and come to integrally understand, but also promote brands that are significant and deserve the attention of our wide audience.

Media Services

Leo Marcom Pvt. LTd. is a media house providing global news and latest updates for various industries and provide updates on their respective channels and platforms. Currently we operate as a B2B media platform the audience of our content delivery being the senior executives and decision makers from the various industries we operate in. Our different media platforms have given impetus to increase in the availability of essential information . It is our focus to bring the right and updated information to you via these platforms. Hence for us media is an empowerment in the name of knowledge and advancement of various branches of science.

We use various kinds of media platforms in order to ensure that information is being spread at the same speed at which it is generated. This includes our magazines, websites, ebooks and social media & digital news platforms.

Marketing Services

Marketing is essential in order to put your company forward and showcase it in front of your target audience. Inbound marketing has proven to be 9x more effective for increasing a websites organic traffic, lead generation, sales, and client retention for B2B companies. Unlike traditional outbound marketing (i.e. cold calls, cold emails, press releases) that interrupts and tries to get out in front of as many people as possible, inbound marketing focuses on pulling in qualified prospects when they are actively searching for relevant information and answers.

Communication Services

Communication is integral to reaching out to your audience. This could mean current clients and investors, people from the same sector and other visitors. Only through communication can we come closer as a community and uplift those who are making significant advances towards a better future. We communicate your message via our message and put it forth to our audience of visitors and subscribers. In this way we are not only fulfilling our objective as information providers but also ensuring that visibility is gained by those that are giving impetus to this sharing of information. Hence we provide public relation services in order to help you strengthen your audience, making sure that your message gets through.

We use various kinds of media platforms in order to ensure that information is being spread at the same speed at which it is generated. This includes our magazines, websites, ebooks and social media & digital news platforms.

Our services ensure that you are given the exposure and visibility you desire, making the most of every dollar you spend with us. Our executives use techniques that shall secure you the publicity you need for your brand.

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