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Leo Marcom Pvt. Ltd. has established itself in the following sectors as the leading online media platform for our B2B audience of over 100k+ subscribers and visitors depending on us for the latest information in their individual sectors. The following is a list of the diverse sectors we operate for

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Telecommunication
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Finance
  • Packaging
  • Medical Science
  • Transport
  • Pharmaceutical

    World Pharma Today is an industry specific Print & Online knowledge sharing platform designed for the key decision makers within the pharmaceutical industry


    A leading B2B knowledge-centric platform designed to provide the latest Construction industry news, update trends &developments to the senior level executives


    Mining Frontier is a leading information centric website providing latest up to date information and happenings within the Mining industry. The website is sub divided into section based on the form of content like news, projects, upcoming events, case studies, etc. published with an objective to provide a one stop knowledge driven information to our reader and subscribers on daily basis. We also promote our clients through various target driven online marketing activities circulated to the key decision makers within the industry.


    World Finance Informs is your one stop solution for all the information you need on the latest happenings, changes and advancements in the finance world. We bring you all the current trends of the finance world and we are here to provide B2B Finance updates on everything finance under the sun along with providing our audiences to enhance their visibility, customer relationship and engagement.

    Medical Science

    Hospital & healthcare Management is a leading B2B arena designed for the healthcare sector, it allow members to reach both ends of the healthcare facility procurement chain.


    Magazine for the Power Generation industry executives and c-levels featuring latest news, views & developments of conventional & renewable energy sectors


    Hospital & healthcare Management is a leading B2B arena designed for the healthcare sector, it allow members to reach both ends of the healthcare facility procurement chain.


    Tele Info Today (www.teleinfotoday.com) is one of the best online service providers to the IT and Telecom community. It’s a complete Telecom B2B portal which facilitates Telecom traders, Telecom manufactures, Telecom sellers, Telecom suppliers in improving their business relationships.


    Packaging World Insights is one of the best online news service providers to the packaging community worldwide. It’s a complete B2B portal which facilitates packaging industry leaders, packaging equipment, devices and material manufactures as well as suppliers and distributors with the latest news, updates, events and developments withing the packaging industry and enable them improving their business relationships.


    Transport Advancement is a leading information centric website for latest updates within the industry. We cover Railway, Road Traffic, Airways, Shipping & Port and run with an objective to provide knowledge driven content to our readers and subscribers in various forms like news, projects, upcoming events.

    We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated researchers committed to ensuring that the circulation is the most powerful in the world. For any further information related to audience please feel free to contact Ms. Neha, Global Circulation Manager (support@leomarcom.com )

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